Friday, 29 March 2013

Haul - Primark and Topshop

So today I went to Cardiff with my friend (I'm from Bristol just so you know). Nothing was really catching my eye anywhere, I had a list of things I wanted and tried to stick to that purely to save money!!

From Primark I picked up the flat shoes (£8), I have studded ones similar to this but without the cutout bits. I liked these as I thought they would look really cute in the spring with some jeans! I also picked up the tie dye bodycon midi dress (£10). I am a massive fan of midi dresses at the moment, I love how figure hugging they are and really show off your curvers (perfect for a hourglass girl like me). I quite like the studded detail along the collar, I think it just adds a bit more to the dress.

From Topshop, I got the black skater skirt (£16), I tried this on when I got home and I'm not sure if I'm keen on it or not, so I may take it back, it is lovely but just not sure its me! And I have a million nail varnishes and i really didn't need them, but at 2 for £8 how could I resist!!! I chose 'prim and proper' and 'moondance'. I'm yet to try Topshop nail varnish, but I have heard good reviews!


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  2. Replies
    1. they arent studded, they have tiny cutout bits in :) xx

    2. they arent studded, they have tiny cutout bits in :) xx


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