Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Beauty wants

001. Johnsons holiday skin body lotion - as its coming up to summer and I am pale as anything, I feel its that time to get the tanning lotion out, I've used this various times in the past and I have mixed thoughts about it. It does give great coverage and tans a small bit with a nice glow, but the smell is awful! Its like I've just rolled in a pack of crushed biscuits!! If anyone can recommend a better one please let me know :)

002. Inhibition - Topshop - I am in loveeeee with plum lipstick. I think they suit absolutely everybody. I've heard really good things about Topshop lipstick and I am yet to try! This colour is absolutely gorgeous, its a really rich plum which is lovely! Definitely a future investment

003. Fiji - Essie. I have heard everybody raving about this nail varnish. the colour is a really cool light pink, almost close to white. Its a real girlie spring colour. I have over 100 nail varnish and do not have one Essie polish. I've never really heard any reviews but their colours are absolutely beautiful

Sorry I haven't really been blogging much recently, I have lost inspiration!


  1. stargirl! I just got this and I have no idea what I'm doing really but I've just been having a good stalk of yours haha ;) I saw your thing about Johnsons holiday skin and I just thought I would recommend Dove summer glow if you have it over there! I use it and it's amazinggg xx

    1. Chlooooooo!!! Aww I love yours already, mine is awful!! Ahh I'll have a look round for that :) xx


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