Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wishful thinking

Hopefully working so much over this Easter period I will actually be able to afford all of these. I am absolutely loving midi dresses at the moment and cannot want to fill my wardrobe with them. I am also loving the dungarees that are  recently, I think I will definitely purchase some soon, regardless of whether they suit me or not, although I do think I'd look like I'm still in primary school if I wore them. I have been on the fence for a while whether to buy creepers or not, I think my inner emo wants them a lot more than I actually do. But I fell in love with these flatforms, so as soon as payday comes around (tomorrow yay!) These beautys will be mine! And last but not least, the famous city bag!! I have the worst luck with bags and mine are forever breaking at the most annoying times (just before I'm about to leave for college, on the bus, at college) but I feel, if I splurge that extra bit more, I may find one that won't break on me!!

(Top left to bottom right)
City bag - Zara
Flatforms -
Bottom 3 all from miss

Enjoy xxxx

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