Friday, 10 May 2013

Celebrity Tag

soooo.. I have never ever done one of these, but I have been tagged by the lovely Katie to do this celebrity tag. I used to always do things like this on my MySpace (oh the days!), so I'm quite looking forward to doing this one!! 


1. Tag and link 3 or more people to do this. (Don't tag someone that's already been tagged.)
2 Leave a comment on their blogs telling them that you've tagged them and link your tag. 
3. Make sure you credit and link Ahem, It's Emme, and the person who tagged you on your tag post.
4. You must answer all of the questions!
5. Copy and paste the instructions and the questions onto your post. (Make sure you copy and paste the questions portion by itself too, so it's easy for the people you tag to do this tag!)


1. Who are your top two celebrity crushes and why?
2. Have you met any celebrities? If yes, who and where they're from if others may be unfamiliar with them. (Pictures would be great.)
3 .Do you personally know any celebrities? If so, any fun experiences?
4. Which TV show cast would you most want to be friends with and why?
5. Which movie cast would you most want to be friends with and why 
6. Which movie character would you most want to portray and why ? 
7. Who is your celebrity style inspiration and why?

1) well if anyone knows me, they will know that I am in love (honestly in love) with Example - I've seen him 8 times in the past two years and cried every single time!! And my 2nd one is a hard choice! Very close cut between David Beckham and Millie Mackintosh, I know there is a bit of a difference between them, but they are both heavenly!! 

2) back in my emo days, I have met many many band members, and I do have pictures but they are a tad embarrassing haha!! So I have met; Elliot minor, We Are The Ocean, Ed Sheeran, Devlin, Pro Green, Drizzle Kicks, Wil Francis and all of Aiden, Dev Patel, Jal from skins, Passion Pit, and more but I can't remember names! 

3) My life would be a lot more interesting if I did

4) Hands down, the friends cast!! How fun would life be if you were part of that gang!! Oh and if that's too much to ask for, then I'm sure the Made In Chelsea cast will be fine :) 

5) wow this is a hard one, probably any Adam Sandler film just so I could be best friends with him hahah

6) hmmm, I really don't know!! But some dumb blonde probably haha

7) OK, get ready for the list!!! Victoria Beckham, Queen B, Kim Kardashian, Millie Mackintosh, Fearne Cotton, Kelly Brook, Mila Kunis, Lauren Conrad

My tags are;

1) Chloe
3) Bethany

Enjoy xxxxxxxxx


  1. Thanks for tagging me :) I'll probably do this on Tuesday x

  2. Ed Sheeran! Wow, that's so cool! :) Thanks for doing my tag! :D


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