Thursday, 16 May 2013

Obvious nail post & a cheeky review

So anyone that lives in the UK and shops in boots, will have had a £3 off No7 makeup voucher, so I picked up this gorgeous lilacy grey colour called Winters Tale. I paired it with a Wet n Wild nail varnish, which if I can remember correctly I purchased from Walmart when I went to Colorado earlier this year. I really like this combo and think the bright glitter works well with the cool shade. 


   After my friend telling me about this and saying how good it was, I decided  to give it a try. Its the Nail Experts - Liquid Freeze from Avon. Its a quick dry freeze spray, you spray it in freshly painted  nails, and it just speeds up the process of drying. Its the first time I've used it and I have to say I am pretty impressed with it! I'd definitely recommend it to my fellow nail varnish lovers!! 

Thanks for reading lovelies xxxxxxx



  1. The No7 nail varnish looks so pretty! xxx

    1. It is one of the nicest colours I've bought in ages!! Love no7 coverage as well xxx


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