Thursday, 9 May 2013

Queen B

I have absolutely fallen head over heels for Beyonce recently!! From her music, to her fashion to her and jay-z's relationship!! Solo Queen B has recently launched her h&m campaign, and I am in love!!

001. So first of all this dress!! I have seen a few pieces with images on recently, and I haven't been too sure, but this dress is absolutely stunning, its such a nice summer piece, and a bold statement dress for a night out, paired with plain heels and clutch!

002. These shorts are heavenly. These would look amazing with a plain black American Apparel halter leotard. And like normal B looks amazing in them!! All of the collection is sooooo cheap and definitely well worth it.

Aaaaaaand watch this, I fell in love with both of them ever more!!



  1. I am fully in love with Queen Bey! Great post :)

    Um, I don't know if you do things like this but...I have tagged you in a celebrity tag. It's just a bit of fun but um yeah.

    If you are interested it's just somewhere on here...


    Katie xo

    1. So am I! She is solo beautiful!! Thank you very much :)

      OK thanks, I'll definitely check it out :D

      Abi xx

  2. Very cute blog! :)

    Kelly xx


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