Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Topshop Wish list || Abi Street


For me, shopping is either love or hate. I have found that recently I've really wanted new clothes but nothing is catching my eye. However, I was in Cardiff the other day with my friend and she was looking in Topshop for a present for her friend, I was quickly walking through trying to avoid things so I didn't spend money and I saw soooooo many things I was dying to buy. So I thought I would do a blog post on some of the things I spotted. 

1. TIKA2 High Vamp Skaters £20.00
These are all over the blogger community recently, and I really see why. These are amazing!!! Skater shoes are really on trend at the moment. They go with absolutely everything  and are really comfortable! With these Topshop ones I really love the snakeskin print, it just adds a bit more texture but is so subtle

2. Slant Eyeshadow Brush £4.00
I really want to expand my makeup brush collection, but with the better branded brushes being quite expensive, I struggle to justify it with the low budget I'm on. But when I saw this and for only £4, that is a bargin! I don't really know the quality of these brushes, and I'm sure they aren't as good as the Real Techniques brushes, but for such a small price I'm sure it will do the job. I've also seen some makeup brushes in H&M which are even cheaper, there was a slanted eyeshadow brush for only £1.99!!!!

3. MOTO White Joni Jeans £36.00
Joni Jeans are my all time favourite jeans, I even have a pair on right now. I'm really loving white jeans at the moment, every time I see them I get envious of the person wearing them. I'm not sure if I would have the confidence to wear them and I'm sure if I did have them I would instantly spill something on them. None the less, I desperately want them! White Jeans are so on trend at the moment and can easily be styled into a monochrome outfit.

4. Wrap Front Bralet £22.00
I have seen so many of these recently and I love the Missguided ones, but everytime I try and order one they are always sold out. I saw these and fell in love with it! Pastel colours are such a strong s/s14 trend and this can be dressed up or down. 

5. Glow Highlighter in Polish £9.00
I've have heard so many good things about Topshop makeup and I don't actually own any. I really want to get some highlighter as I'm beginning to expand and experiment with my makeup. I've read some amazing reviews on this product so I'm dying to try it out!

6. Lips In Beguiled £8.00
Once again, I've heard so many good things about Topshop Lipstick. I had a similar colour to this but from Seventeen, however I lost it on a night out and was absolutely gutted. I need to invest in a similar colour to that one and as soon as I laid my eyes on this I fell in love. Wine/berry coloured lipsticks are my all time favourite. I think they look flawless on any skin tone.

7. NINA Heeled Jelly Shoes £26.00
I have already got a pair of jelly shoes (See here) and I love them so much. I'm going away in April and I really want some pastel coloured jelly shoes to take with me and to prepare for the hotter summer months. I think this is such a beautiful baby blue colour and I love the heel on them!


  1. I nominated you for a Liebster award! your blog is awesome! <3

    1. Thank you lovely! I have done it before but I will do it again over the next few days :) xx


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