Thursday, 5 June 2014

Festival Fun | Abi Street

This post is going to be a tad different. For anyone that knows me will know I have a huge love and passion for festivals! As I am studying Event Management at university, I thought it would be a great idea to get a summer internship relating to events. And I only went and bagged myself an internship at APS Security (Who work at various different events and festivals throughout the UK).
With my internship this year, I am going to be working at Royal Ascot, Tour De France, Bristol Bike Ride, Bristol Harbour Fest and Bristol Balloon Fiesta, and many other opportunities. Not only this but I am doing five festivals this year! I am volunteering at four of them, and just attending one. I am so excited to be spending a summer doing something I love and getting to experience it all from a different angle.
I went to five festivals last year as well.. again working at four and attending one. It was the best summer I have ever had. I met some absolutely incredible people which I am still in touch with now and really got to see my passion shine through myself.
The festivals I have attended are Nass, Boardmasters, Beach Break Live, Wakestock, Bestival, Creamfields and Global Gathering. (Insert very drunk photos here)
This year I am going to be attending Global Gathering and working at Creamfields, Isle Of Wight, Glastonbury and T In The Park. I thought I would do a little series. As I am going to be away most of the summer at festivals and events, I am not going to be able to post as regularly. In this series will be things like festival fashion and must haves, hints and tips and photos from my adventures. I really like this sound of doing this as I get to express something I am completely passionate about.
Have you guys been to any festivals? Which are your best and why?
Thanks for reading,
Love Abi x
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