Monday, 29 September 2014

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Review | Abi Street

I personally love reading through blogs, and watching bloggers on Youtube. Like everyone else that enjoys doing this, some of my favourites include Zoella, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart, VelvetGh0st, Pointless Blog, Jim Chapman, Joe Sugg etc etc etc.

All of you that follows these, will know that Tanya Burr has a cosmetics range which at the moment consists of 10 nail varnishes and 12 lip glosses. These are sold online and in-store Superdrug and also on

I was dying to get my hands on some of these products for ages and write a review, so when my student loan finally dropped I couldn't think of a better time. I only picked up two nail varnish's and two lip glosses. I didn't want to go over board just in case I didn't like them.

The two lipglosses I purchased were 'Picnic In The Park' and 'Vampire Kiss'. I have to say, I am more of a lipstick person rather than a lip gloss person, but I have heard really good things about these products. The lip glosses were £6.99 each, which I think is completely reasonable for these products, and after trying them out, it is a complete bargin. The lip glosses are really opaque and the colour transfers really well onto your lips. You can either leave it on thick for a really opaque colour, or smudge the colours out so they are more subtle.
When trying out the products I did things like eat and drink to see how long they would last, and I was actually really really impressed. They did need topping up once or twice throughout the day, but for a lip gloss I was really impressed with how little transferred when drinking out of a glass.

Top: Picnic In The Park
Bottom: Vampire Kiss
The nail varnishes I purchased were 'Penguin Chic' and 'New York Night'. I purchased the nail varnishes for £5.99 each, which I think is a little steep for nail varnishes, but for the quality it is completely worth it. I am an absolute sucker for nail varnish and I literally have hundreds. These two are quite plain colours, but both look beautiful on your nails. I have to say these are some of the best nail varnishes I own.
When applying, I put two coats on and that was absolutely perfect, the varnish has a great consistency so the colour is really good. The brush is also a really good size and applies really nicely. I wore Penguin Chic first of all. It took a good 3/4 days before I started seeing chips around the edge of the nail appearing (this is without a top coat) and I had been doing usual things like writing, washing up etc.
I now have New York Night on my nails and I love it, its such lovely dark purple and is going to be amazing for autumn.

Overall, I am so so impressed with these products and would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes beauty products. I also cannot wait to get my hands on more. Well done Tanya!!
Thanks for reading,
 Love Abi x


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tips For Starting University | Abi Street

For a lot of us, September is full of new things for everybody. What I'm going to be focusing on is starting university. This time last year I was packing all my things up, and moving to wales to start at the University Of South Wales. All I can say is, I was a bag of nerves but I will never ever regret it, although it was a year full of ups and downs, It was one of the best years of my life. I have obviously learnt about the subject i'm studying which is Event Management, but i have learnt so many life lessons and how to properly look after myself without an adult constantly around. But what i think is most important, is i have learnt who i am as a person and really grown into myself this past year. 

When i was younger, i was this small blonde incredibly shy child, i hated going out without my parents and i was absolutely awful at meeting new people. Last year was a big lifestyle change for me, i grew into the person i am today and i am so proud of that. I have travelled all over the uk by myself working at festivals on my own and moving to university was one of the biggest steps of my life. Now, i am constantly talking to new people and it is my favourite thing to do. If i try to meet new people when i'm with my friends and i tell people i am shy, they honestly laugh in my face and tell me i'm ridiculous.

Leaving home and moving away for university is a huge step. I can remember saying goodbye to my friends and family, crying a lot and really not wanting to go, but at the same time I was extremely excited for a new chapter of my life to begin. 

Moving away is only as stressful as you make it. This post is going to contain some tips on what will make starting university a little less stressful and a little more fun.

  • Get involved with every single group on Facebook that is connected to your university and halls - this is a great way to connect with people at your university.
  • On those Facebook groups, try to find your flatmates and set up a group chat - this make life easier and helps with breaking the ice, also so you don't turn up at your flat with 6 cheese graters.
  • Get your hands on some moving boxes. This is one that really helped me, I moved all of my things in one trip and it was so helpful having all the boxes labelled so I wasn't searching for things for hours.
  • Be open - even if you are shy, don't be the quiet one that doesn't say anything. Introduce yourself and get talking, its the only way to make friends.
  • Be prepared to be out of your comfort zone for a long time, moving away from friends and family isn't an easy task. Along with this, you have to meet new people, get used to new surroundings, get used to a new course and looking after yourself. It wont be strange forever, it will become normal life.
  • Get fully involved with freshers. The whole time I spent a lot of money and was extremely drunk, but even a year on me and my flatmates still laugh at things that happened in freshers. Enjoy yourself, you're only a fresher once!!
  • This is extremely boring but make sure you budget. This is something I didn't do and I really struggled with money. It is important if you want to eat and still be able to do things.
  • Be prepared to look absolutely ridiculous on fancy dress nights out, don't always focus on looking pretty.
  • Go to your lectures and take a lot of notes, this will help so much when it comes to exams and essays.
  • Take time finding out who you are as a person, you most likely will anyway but it helps if you push it a bit, you will feel so happy with yourself when you find out who you really are and feel fully comfortable in your own skin.
  • Sign up for societies at your freshers fair, this is one this i really wish i did. Well, i did sign up for about 3 societies, but then never bothered because i discovered how amazing bed and Netflix is. This is probably one of the best ways of meeting new people and getting a bunch of friends that have the same interests as you.
The most important tip is to just be yourself and enjoy it, it's the final hurdle before becoming an adult and believe me, it will be over before you know it!

Thanks for reading,
Love Abi x


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Creamfields | Abi Street

The 6th and final festival of the summer for me! This was my second Creamfields and it definitely did not disappoint. I worked at Creamfields with Festaff with my housemate Ellie and my very good friend Luca. I had such a good weekend and we saw so many people.
I wouldn't say Creamfields is for everyone as it's a dance festival, but if you like dance music then definitely go. The line up consisted of; Calvin Harris, Jaguar Skills, Andy C, Sub Focus, MK, Mistajam, Dj EZ, Shy Fx, B Traits, Steve Angello, Hardwell etc.
Goodbye festival season, you have been great!

Rewind Festival | Abi Street

For my job at AP Security, I was asked to work at Rewind Festival (Henley-On-Themes). Rewind Festival is an 80's festival that most of your parents (and maybe some of you, who knows?!) would most likely attend.
Although we were working, we did get the evenings free to have some fun. And fun we did have, we ended up dancing to Rick Astley, singing along with a tribute band and also going on stage. Who says working can't be fun?
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