Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Everyday Makeup | Abi Street

I thought I would do a post about the makeup I use on an everyday makeup. I love reading these sorts of blog posts and just generally looking through peoples makeup bags (not strangers obviously!)

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant  Fatigue Blur - Cool Rose
I switched from Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser but when I saw this come out, I thought I would switch it up and change to this. I can't say I am overly impressed with this product. It doesn't make a huge difference to my face and the smell isn't that great. But regardless of all those factors, I still use it everyday. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - 100 Ivory
Its only in the past few months that I started using it, because I noticed that loads of people started to rave on about it. For me, it suits my skin really well. Its not the thickest coverage but it is enough to give an even colour. At £8.99 in Boots, I think its really good for a high street foundation.

Collection 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Cool Medium 2
Once again, I have only started using this product in the last few months because of everyone raving about it. I quite like the coverage on this, it gives a fairly even coverage and isn't too cakey.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Translucent 
I really like this powder, its nice and light and applies on really well with my real techniques powder brush. I used to use 005 Silky Beige, but as I'm as pale as a ghost, it still came out quite orange. This leaves no traces of colour and just secures my foundation in place.

Seventeen Stamp Blusher - The Cheek Of It
I really like this blusher, I have never really been much of a blusher girl. But decided I ought to give it a try. I love the colour of this, it comes out really light and gives a nice glow. I used to use the sponge and then blend with a real techniques blush brush but I started to notice that it was living a ring of colour on my cheeks if I pressed too hard, instead of that I just swirl my brush around in the pot and apply it like that, I find that the finish is a lot nicer. 

 Maybelline Brow Drama - Dark Blonde
There are so many 'brow mascaras' out there, but as I am a huge high street shopper, this was well in my budget. I really like this product, it keeps my brows nice and tidy and in place all day. Definitely a great purchase if you're looking for something cheap.

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - Black
I absolutely love this mascara. The brush has two parts, one side that is just like a normal brush, which is great for separating your lashes to begin with and give a nice even coat. Then on the other side, the bristles come to a point which is great for giving your lashes length. As a sufferer of short lashes, this mascara gives my lashes that little bit of extra length.

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner - Black
This is one of my favourite eyeliners I have ever used. Its a pen liner which I find great for doing cat flicks. The pen is really sturdy, but doesn't hurt your eyes whatsoever. The colour also comes out really evenly and lasts all day.
And this is my finished makeup look! I am also wearing Tanya Burr 'Picnic In The Park', but this isn't part of my everyday makeup so I chose not to include it!

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

5 Top Autumn Nail Varnish Picks | Abi Street

 So we have come around to my favourite time of the year! Autumn.
For me autumn is all about snuggling up with your loved one and all your friends in front of endless amounts of films, hot chocolate, blankets and hearty food. From a fashion and beauty perspective, you get thick jumpers, ankle boots, dark berry lipstick and dark nails. Pretty much all of my favourite things right there.

I have a gigantic nail varnish collection, so I've decided to pick just five nail varnishes that I will use throughout the autumnal season.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - New York Night
This is one of my new nail varnishes that I have purchased for autumn, from the Tanya Burr Cosmetics collection. You can see my review of the products here. This is a lovely colour for autumn as it is a nice berry purple with one coat, but with two coats it becomes a really rich dark purple.

No7 - Damson Dream
This has been one of my go-to reds for a long time. I absolutely love No7 nail varnishes due to the brush size and the thickness of the polish. This is a really lovely dark red colour, with just that little bit of shimmer, perfect to edge from autumn into the more festive season. This one works great as a party nail varnish.

 Black Poppy - (This doesn't have a colour name)
Now I know this isn't an obvious one for autumn, but I think having a colour like this in your go-to polishes for Autumn is great. As we are creeping closer to the festive season any glitter is absolutely fine. I bought this whilst in America last year and I absolutely love it. It's such fine glitter and lasts on your nails for a good few days without chipping. 

Barry M - Red Wine
This is another one of my staple reds. I have another Barry M nail varnish which is pretty much exactly the same colour as this. This one is just slightly darker. I have quite a pale skin complexion and I think that this colour really compliments my skin well, without washing it out.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - Penguin Chic
I know this might not seem like the obvious choice for a autumnal nail varnish, but on your nails its a really subtle grey/taupe colour. I think any grey toned nail varnish is really nice for the autumn, to match those classic english skies.

Thanks For Reading, 
Love Abi x
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