Thursday, 20 November 2014

Climbing Garth Mountain | Abi Street

My absolute favourite thing to do in Autumn is to go for long walks with good company. That is exactly what I did on the 1st of November. Me and Luca decided to walk up Garth Mountain. Garth Mountain is located near a village Pentrych in Cardiff and It is 1007ft from sea level. 

Luckily, the sky was quite clear that day which was what we had hoped for because we had heard the views from the top of Garth Mountain were amazing. And honestly, it made me speechless, the view was lovely and you could see for miles! None of the pictures I took did the view any justice which is a shame, but its one of those places where taking pictures shouldn't be a priority, and just taking in the surroundings are. 

It took us about an hour and a half to walk up, but Luca decided to lead us on a detour (even though he had no idea where he was going, but boys will be boys!) By going on this detour we ended up walking through a farmer's field where we then saw a sheep carcass - so horrible, poor little sheepy! And also getting shouted at by an angry farmer for walking through his fields. After we apologised a lot, he was actually really nice and told us the easiest way to go.

When we got to the top, it was obvious that some selfie's were needed for our success of climbing our first mountain together, then we just took in the view. The clouds were beginning to come but you could still see for miles and miles. It was so nice to be out of the city and just surrounded by fields and peace and quiet. The views were breathtaking and you could see in every direction. The only bad thing about being at the top of Garth Mountain was that it was freezing cold, I stupidly didn't prepare for this so had to wear Luca's jumper. 

If you live in Wales then definately go and walk up Garth Mountain, so nice for an autumnal walk!

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  1. I love a long walk at this time of year, there's always farmers getting in the way though!

    Tweet xx

    1. Same, it is my favourite thing to do, get all wrapped up and go for a nice long walk! Haha this is the first time i experienced it and it was so scary haha, thank god he turned out to be lovely!! xx


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