Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Liebster Award | Abi Street

I was recently nominated by the lovely Aimee (Click here to see her blog), the aim of the Liebster Award is to promote blogs that have less than 200 followers!

The Rules

1. Link the person who nominated you
2. Answer the questions given by the nominator 
3. Nominate 11 other blogger who have less than 200 followers
4. Create 11 questions for the nominees 
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs 

Aimee's questions for me

1.Are you a planner? Or are you spontaneous?
I actually tend to be more of a planner, I love writing lists and making notes of things I want to do, and I normally feel quite anxious if something isn't properly planned. But when can you ever go wrong with something spontaneous

2.What's your favourite TV programme?
I don't actually watch TV as much as I used to, because i'm so much busier now, but I love things like Eastenders, Friends, Dinner Date, Gossip Girl, American Horror Story etc etc

3.What's your number one fashion piece go to?
This changes alot, depending on the season, what's in fashion etc. At the moment I would have to say my aline burgandy skirt, it just seems to go with everything and I am obsessed with aline cuts at the moment

4.Name your fave beauty product?
It always has been and always will be eyeliner!! 

5.When your writing a blogpost whats going on in the background?Music?A film?
Depends what I am in the mood for, sometimes maybe music but normally just silence, I get distracted very easily so silence helps me focus a lot more. 

6.Who is your inspiration?
My mother and father definitely, they have a big impact on my life and have taught me some amazing life lessons. 

7.Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
I have absolutely no idea. When I was younger I always had this dream of being married when I was 24 and settling down, but now I'm slightly older, I am no way near ready for that. I would like to think that I was just happy doing something I love with my closest loved ones around me.

8.What's that one song that makes you go crazy?
Again this depends on timing, my music taste changes so often and I really couldn't pick one song. 

9.Who's your favourite Liebster nominee blog and why?
I haven't picked anyone yet, so I can't answer this question hah! 

10.If you were stuck on a desert island with only 3 items what would they be and why?
A camera because I feel like I could capture some beautiful pictures, a notepad to write down idea's & signs for help and a pen to write on the notepad with. 

11.Why did you start blogging?
I always read a lot of blogs and took inspiration from them and I felt like it was something i would love to do myself. If one person takes away something good from my blog, I will be extremely happy!! 

I nominate

My questions for you!

  1. What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
  2. If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be?
  3. What product are you hoping to buy next?
  4. What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
  5. What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received?
  6. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
  7. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
  8. Favorite fashion magazine?
  9. What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?
  10. What type of camera do you use?
  11.  Your top beauty/hair must haves and tips?
Thanks For Reading, 
Love Abi x


Friday, 26 December 2014

Tanya Burr Limited Edition Lip Gloss Review | Abi Street

I'm sure absolutely all of you know who Tanya Burr is by now, and if you don't head over to her blog/youtube to find out who she is!! I have said in previous blog posts how much I love Tanya's products. And this isn't just because I am a huge fan of hers, its because the quality of her products are actually great for the price you're paying. 

Tanya has recently brought out some limited edition products. I managed to get my hands on the limited edition lip gloss Mistletoe Kisses. And I can safely say I absolutely adore this lip gloss so much! It is perfect for the Christmas period - red and glittery! What else can a girl need?

Mistletoe Kisses has become my go to festive season lip product. Have you tried it? If so what do you think?

Thanks For Reading, 
Love Abi x

p,s I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!! 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Visiting London | Abi Street

The day after Ellie and I went to the Warner Bro's Studio Tour, we paid central London a visit. This was Ellie's first time going to London, so we went to all the generic tourist places so she could see everything!

I haven't been to London in absolutely ages, so it was really nice to see everything. We had the lovliest day visiting everything, and then wandering up Oxford Street admiring all the Christmas decorations and breaking our banks in the shops!

 The beautiful poppies at the Tower of London

I was literally in heaven in the Disney Cafe in Harrods, So amazing!

This is by far my favourite photo from London!! So Cute 

Wah Nails in Topshop Oxford Circus 

Thanks For Reading, 
Love Abi x

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sleek i-Divine Palette Review | Abi Street

I have been looking for a new eye shadow palette for a while now, something with some warm tones in that will be perfect for autumn. Whilst in Boots, I found this in the Sleek section. I have never actually tried any Sleek products before, but some of my friends have any they have said its really good!

There was a range of different palette's but I decided to go with this one 'Oh So Special'. It comes with a range of 12 colours, from base colours, to darker colours for the crease to create a nice smokey eye and some glittery colours. This palette was only £7.99 which I think is great for 12 eye shadows. One of my favourite things about this product, is that on the back of the box it gives tips on which shadows to apply which area of the lid and which colours go well together. I think this is really lovely for someone who isn't as experienced.

All of the colours are really pigmented which is great, and they are really long lasting. I would recommend using a different brush to apply these to your eye lids, but that is just my personal opinion. My favourite colours in this palette so far are 'Organza' which is a really lovely golden pink colour, and 'Gift Basket' which is a lovely golden brown colour.

Thanks For Reading,
Love Abi x

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Wishlist | Abi Street

As it is creeping closer to Christmas every second (I am so excited eeeee!!), I thought I would put up my Christmas wishlist! Some of these items, I have wanted for absolutely ages and never got round to getting them.

I think that this Topshop Glitter Crop is absolutely perfect for the festive season, whether the top is teamed with jeans and heels or a skater skirt, I think it would add just the right amount of glitter for a party outfit. I spotted this Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume  in Duty Free ages ago, but my mum wouldn't let me get three perfumes haha!! Marc Jacobs is my absolutely favourite and this smells amazing!! I have seen so many bloggers talk about this Matilda Mug  and I think it is the cutest thing! As an avid tea drinker, I have so many mugs but Quentin Blake's illustrations have always been my favourite's and remind me of my childhood, this mug is lovely to cosy up with in front of a good film! 

Everyone knows about the Tangle Teaser now, and I'm still yet to get my hands on one, I have heard from everyone how amazing they are, and with long hair that is constantly getting itself into tangle's, I feel like I need this in my life! I think that the Fujifilm Instax Mini is possibly the cutest camera in the entire world!! I love polaroid camera's and I think there is something so special about having an instant photo. I'm trying to build up a photo album full of special memories over the past years and I think putting polaroid's in there would be perfect. Again Olivia Burton Watch's are something that many bloggers speak about. I have a casio mini and I feel like its getting to its last legs. I think these watches are lovely, and I think having one of these around my wrist would be the cutest! 

The Friends Box Set is something I have wanted for years now! The problem is, although it would be completely worth it, I can never justify spending so much money on a DVD Collection. It will be in my possession one day though! I spotted these Monochrome Vagabond's in Office a while back and I went to shoe heaven! I love monochrome and I think these are absolutely adorable! I do actually have a pair of monochrome boots similar to this, but I love the lace up detail! Tanya Burr Lipgloss is becoming my go to lip product, when she released her new line I was absolutely loving Enchanted Forest from the collection, which is a deep purple, absolutely perfect for the autumnal season! And last but in no means least these adorable 'Big Spoon Little Spoon' Pillow Cases, I just think that these are adorable for you and a loved one. 

Thanks For Reading, 
Love Abi x


Monday, 15 December 2014

Thoughts On Girl Online | Abi Street

Ok, so it's currently 21 minutes past midnight and although I am writing this with no intention to post it until tomorrow (I need to get in the habit of a schedule), I need I write this while it's still fresh in my mind.

I came home this weekend to spend with my family and best friend! Today (Sunday) I have had the nicest day with my family, which ended by me curling up on the sofa, finally getting a chance to read Girl Online (by Zoella, if you didn't already know).

And honestly, I know her book seems to be such a controversial subject, but I love it!!!! I can completely understand why everyone is complaining because they feel she wasn't truthful about there being a ghostwriter etc... But c'mon, if you have always wanted to write a book, and a huge publishing company approached you asking if you wanted to make this dream come true, would you honestly turn down this opportunity? No, no one would. I can imagine writing a book isn't easy, so of course she got help with it, along with many other authors... Yes, it may not seem right that Zoe didn't state the fact that the book was ghost written, but if you were caught up in a whirlwind of success would you?

I honestly got completely lost in Girl Online, to the point where I finished it in 5 hours only putting it down once to 1) go to the toilet and 2) drink a cup of tea.

I'm not going to give anything away about the book incase you haven't read it and are planning to, but it is such a light hearted, easy read. If you are a fan of Zoe, you will completely see her personality shine through. I have been watching for years now and even if her name wasn't on the front of that book, I would have guessed it was, shall we say created, by her.

It honestly saddens me that Zoe is getting so much hate from this. She is so young and has developed through her blog and YouTube channel so much. Although everyone is focusing on the negatives of this, it is encourages young girls to read, which is something that doesn't happen so often when everyone is caught up in the online world, also that her book has some great tips on how to deal with things such as panic attacks, anxiety, friendships and boys! (Really trying not to give too much away here!). I just feel there is no need for so much negativity over this, when 1) it isn't the first time a book has been ghostwritten, 2) there is so many positive aspects of this book!!

What do you think of the whole Girl Online ghostwritten situation? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your opinions (good or bad)

Thanks For Reading,
Love Abi x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Stocking Filler's Gift Guide | Abi Street

As it's coming up to Christmas I thought I would do a stocking filler gift guide. I have seen lots of bloggers doing them and I love reading them. One of my favourite things is buying people presents. I love everything from picking the present out, wrapping it so it looks cute and then seeing their face when they open it! I honestly had to resist myself from buying some of the things I found! (I have to admit, this is mainly aimed for girls, sorry boys!!)

I have actually included this in my Christmas wishlist as well, because I'm dying to get my hands on one, but I think that a Tangle Teaser is a perfect stocking filler for a girl, because there is a range of different colours, you can pick out their favourite colour, to make it just that bit more personal. My best friend Alice has the Toilet Guest Book in her bathroom and I love it!! Its such a fun thing for guests to do, and even funnier for the owner of the book to look back and read through it. It is perfect for somebody who has a lot of friends round! How can any Christmas be complete without anything from Lush?! This cute little Dashing Santa is perfect for any festive bath, and it smells amazing! As you will probably know Tanya Burr has released false eyelashes into her makeup line. I think the Lashes in Bambi are lovely and perfect for any girl that loves makeup! I know there is three books in this gift guide, but I couldn't resist. I absolutely love books like this, the One Line a Day Memory Book is perfect for anyone that loves sentimental items. This book lets you write one line a day for five years, which I think is lovely! It's something you can look back at and cherish.

I think that these Urban Outfitters Hair Tie's are such a lovely stocking filler, especially for around this festive season, perfect way to spruce up any ponytail. I actually got given the Amazing Ideas I Had Whilst Drunk Notebookfrom my best friend Ellie the other day, and I think this is perfect to give to one of your friends that you always go out with!! Again on the topic of drinking, this adorable Midweek Wine Fund Tin is perfect for one of your girl's that you always go out drinking with! And finally, the limited edition christmas Tanya Burr Nail Varnish Set. I adore that fact that Tanya has brought out some limited edition products just for the festive season, especially with such lovely colours in!! 

Thanks For Reading, 
Love Abi x


Monday, 8 December 2014

Topshop Beauty Haul | Abi Street

So I recently went to Topshop with my mum and couldn't resist picking up some makeup goodies!

I have been well overdue a new makeup bag for a long time now, mine was years old and was getting too small for my now overflowing makeup collection. It was actually my mum that picked this up and showed it to me and I fell in love with it. I think it's so cute. I love the fact that its holographic and snakeskin.

This is the Topshop highlighter in the shade Sunbeam. I have had my eyes on this high lighter for so long now, and I was so happy when I finally got it. The picture really doesn't do it any justice, so if you are in Topshop, head over to the makeup section and just open this. It is such a beautiful sparkling golden colour. Not only is it so beautiful, it is super pigmented which means it will last a long time because you only need to use a tiny bit. This was only £10.00 which I think is such a bargain.

As you will all know by now I am obsessed with nail varnish. Both of these were on two for £9 so I could hardly resist. This is Legendary, I literally couldn't take my eyes off this one when I saw it. Its jam packed with pink, blue and purple glitter. This will look lovely over the festive party season.  

This is Middle Child. When I saw that Topshop had released a gel nail varnish line I was really excited to try it. This is a really rich burgundy colour which will be another staple colour for autumn. The varnish is thick and dries really nicely. Really happy with the gel range.

Thanks For Reading,
 Love Abi x

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Check Mate | Abi Street

Jacket - H&M
Bag - New Look
Skirt - Missguided
V-Neck Tshirt - Missguided
Tights - Primark
Shoes - River Island

Thanks For Reading, 
Love Abi x

Monday, 1 December 2014

Beauty Advent Calender | Abi Street

I am so excited about this blog post!! My mum very generously got me the Boots No7 beauty advent calender! I have never had a beauty advent calender before so my excitement is literally through the roof! 

The Boots No7 calender is £35 (unfortunately is has been sold out for quite a while now, as they are extremely popular), but in total it is worth £135. It contains 25 different products from make-up to skin care. 

I was so excited to open the first door and I received a 'Skin Illuminator'. I am so excited to try this along with the rest of all of the products. When I have finished the advent calender I will do an overall blog post to show everything I received from it.

Did you get a beauty advent calender this year? If so, let me know in this comments which one!

Thanks For Reading, 
Love Abi x

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