Tuesday, 1 December 2015

2015 Advent Calenders

Christmas is one of my favourite periods of the year. I absolutely love all the festive build up, all the lights, Christmas food, party, glitter, spending time with my nearest and dearest. For me, Its a time when i get to go home from uni and have a nice break to spend time with everyone and catching up on what has been happening over the past few months. 

This year, I have been lucky enough to have 3 advent calenders, which is going to have a very exciting build up to Christmas. Its lots of tiny presents everyday before Christmas, including chocolate, beauty items and other little bits and bobs. 


Monday, 16 November 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution is a brand that everyone seems to love, due to its inexpensive prices and great quality. I have been wanting to expand my Makeup Revolution collection for a while now. My mum treated me too a few bits when I went home for the weekend.


Monday, 26 October 2015


I recently saw on twitter that the lovely Becky and MsMistry were organising the #BloggerBoxShare - I have always loved the thought of doing this. I am such a present giver, it is my absolute favourite thing about Christmas and birthdays. I really enjoy buying presents and giving them to my favourite people. But the thought of doing this with someone you don't know is so exciting, and it means you get to make a new friend. I was so excited to jump into this.

I was told who I was swapping my box with via email, and it was up to us to get to know each other and swap address's etc. I was paired with the lovely Irma, We immediately started talking on twitter and getting to know each other. I thought this was so nice, because me and Irma actually have a ton of things in common -  so it was fab speaking to someone new with similar interests. 

Now lets get into the box! I was greeted by the postman by this cute package - I haven't pictured the front because of my address, but I can assure you that it looked lovely. Inside was a little card and lots of shredded tissue paper so I couldn't see any of my goodies. 


Monday, 19 October 2015

Question A Day - 5 Year Journal

I have been wanting this book for so so long, I was watching Zoella's June favourite where she mentioned she had it and loved it, and I knew I just had to get it. I decided to order it on Amazon and getting it for £5.33 - I have to admit, I did order it used because it was a lot cheaper! I would definitely say to do this because you can get it so much cheaper. 


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Jessup Brush Review

What does a girl love nearly as much as getting new makeup? Getting new makeup brushes to apply it with, especially when they're pink. Recently, I was browsing on a blogger buy/sell group on Facebook when I stumbled across these brushes. They are the Jessup Makeup brushes. One of the main reasons I love these brushes so much is because they're pink, so they look pretty. These brushes only cost me around £11, you can also purchase them on ebay/amazon for around the same price and they come in various different colours. The Jessup brushes are also a great dupe for the Sigma brushes. 


Friday, 11 September 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Relaunch Review

So as we must be all aware by now, the beautiful Tanya Burr has relaunched her make-up line. The relaunch not only involves completely new packaging and design, but new added products as well including eye shadow and brow palettes! 

I have a few bits from the old collection and I absolutely love them, you can read my review here. I absolutely love Tanya's products so was super excited when they were finally released. I just want to say a huge congrats to Tanya, I think the products are absolutely gorgeous and really reflect Tanya. Also has everybody seen her product launch vlog? How amazing did that event look??


Thursday, 3 September 2015

Boohoo Festival Lookbook*

I was recently contacted by Boohoo, asking if I would like be part of the 'Festival under £50 campaign'. I obviously jumped to the chance and couldn't wait to look through the festival shop on Boohoo.com (If you didn't just sing that in your head, then you need to leave).

Now I know you must be thinking, 'But Abi? This isn't practical for a festival, where are the wellies? The maxi dress will get muddy and what not?' I have been to many festivals and I'm aware that this isn't entirely practical for most British Festivals. 


Monday, 31 August 2015

Hugo Boss 007 For Women*

As stated in my first post of my Hugo Boss Fragrances Reviews, I will be reviewing each perfume in separate posts. This was the second perfume I received from Talk PR. 

I immediately loved the box. Although i've never really been a Bond fan, I have seen the a few of the films and know they are classics. I felt that Hugo Boss really kept in with the classic theme. The cardboard packaging is gorgeous, with a black and rose gold colour theme. (The picture it looks gold, but it actually rose gold)


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Hugo Boss For Women Review*

So recently something very exciting happened to me! I was contacted by Talk PR asking if I would like to take part in reviewing some of the latest Hugo Boss fragrances. Obviously, I jumped to this chance, Like many other girls I have tons of Perfume, and love adding to my collection. I don't actually own any Hugo Boss fragrances so I was really excited about this. 

I was only expecting small samples, but actually received five full size bottles, which I was completely over the moon with. I am going to be reviewing all five bottles in different posts, I felt this was easier as you are able to have an in depth review for each one. 

The first fragrance I am going to be starting with is Hugo Boss For Women. Hugo Boss is introducing this fragrance for women who want to invent themselves. 'Women who live by the Hugo Attitude: Passionate, bold and always in the forefront of new'. 


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Fast Love Palette Review

It has been absolutely ages since I've written a beauty post! Again, I'm being naughty because I took these photos months ago and completely forgot I had them on my laptop. Anyway, onto the post! Now we know that every beauty blogger and their dog bloody loves Makeup Revolution - because well, there make up is fab and at such reasonable prices. 

The Fast Love palette retails at £5.99 which is incredible for 32 gorgeous eye shadows. The palette consists of 12 shimmery shadows and 10 matte shadows. Not only these lovely shadows, but a huge mirror aswell, which for me is a huge bonus! Nothing worse that an eye shadow palette with a tiny mirror. 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Fat Face Collaboration - Unique Design Print Collection*

I was recently contacted by Fat Face asking if I would like to collaborate on a look book for their new Unique Design Print Collection. I had a look at the new collection and jumped to the chance. Recently I have been absolutely loving prints at the moment - especially trousers. 

If you like printed clothes you should definitely check out the Fat Face Collection, it has some lovely pieces. You can have a look through the collections through these links:

The first item I chose was the Heysham Sitara Geo Cami (Unfortunately, it is no longer on the website). I don't own any tops like this so this immediately caught my eye. I absolutely love the print and the colour. This is perfect with jeans or leggings. It completely transforms a boring outfit. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What I'm Listening To?

Like most people I enjoy listening to music. I normally listen to music whilst driving, whether that be on the radio or from Spotify. I absolutely love Spotify, it is so easy to use and lets you have a lot of freedom whilst listening to music. (This isn't sponsored, I just bloody love Spotify)

I personally love reading what music people have been loving recently & have wanted to do this post for so long but due to my *rip* Iphone 5 that was completely smashed, it just didn't look fab. Now I have a new shiny phone, I can finally do this. 

Now, I feel that after reading many of these posts, I don't really have the same music taste as a lot of bloggers (very stereotypical i'm sorry). I absolutely love Drum & Bass, Jungle and Reggae, but I also absolutely love mainsteam music, Acoustic & Pop Punk. My music taste really varies and I change what I'm listening to constantly! 

I thought I would do a round up of my top 10 songs at the moment. These are not in order, just the first ones that came into my head. 

1) Sigma ft Ella Henderson - Glitterball
2) Mungo's Hi Fi - Serious Time
3) Andy C - Heartbeat VIP
4) Bethany Mota - Flashlight
5) Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full Of Led
6) Mike Love - Human Race
7) Ella Eyre - Good Times
8) Clean Bandit - Stronger
9) Little Mix - Black Magic
10) James Bay - Best Fake Smile

What songs are you loving at the moment? Have I mentioned your favourite song? 


Monday, 27 July 2015

Petit Cafe & Patisserie Review

Like many of us, I absolutely love eating. I think there is nothing better than going out for food. Going for lunch with my mum is something we do regularly. I pick her up from work and we go and dine. One of our favourite places to go is Petit Cafe & Patisserie. It is very local too us and very inexpensive with amazing food. 

Petit Cafe & Patisserie open in August 2014 and is located in Staple Hill, Bristol. You can check out their blog & facebook. The Petit blog contains recipes for lots of items they sell - which is great if you live far but want to make some of the delicious pieces. All the cakes, meringues, macaroons etc are all home made. Petit cafe also sells a lot of vegan and gluten free food as well which is a bonus.

The cafe itself is absolutely gorgeous, very instagramable and pinterest worthy. 


To drink I had a Lime and Elderflower iced drink which was absolutely lovely - so refreshing! Mum had a regular latte. 

Me and mum both went for the Mozzarella Salad which was incredible. I'm a big mozzarella fan and it is definitely best with tomatoes and pesto - Yum!! Also it made me happy to have a salad that didn't make me feel sad because I'm on a diet (I need that bikini bod for my holiday in September)


And to finish off we had some lovely home made meringue. My mum absolutely loves this and they do such lovely flavours. We picked Lavender, Chocolate & Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Almond and a plain vegan meringue. 

This milkshake wasn't from today, but this is the vanilla milkshake. I put this on instagram a while ago and obviously it was very popular. How cute!

This is definitely one of my favourite places to come. It is a shame it isn't in a better location (currently on a main road with minimal parking) because it is absolutely lovely. If you're in the area I would definitely recommend going there. 


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Who Knew Supermarkets Could Be So Good For Clothes?

So I have a confession to make... These photos are actually from Easter sunday (my favourite day of 2015). I have been super busy recently with moving back home sob!, working at Royal Ascot and going to Glastonbury. I have been meaning to post more i promise, but as usual, life is getting in the way. 

I thought I would use these photos for 3 reasons. 1) I loved this day so much, 2) I love this outfit and 3) I really needed a blog post but don't the time, or my wonderful photographer Ellie close by. 

I love this outfit. Its such a basic outfit that can be just thrown on, but the shorts just add something too it so it isn't too dull! Believe it or not, these shorts are actually from Asda! In my time, I have picked up some great pieces from Supermarkets and people are always so shocked at that fact. Nothing better than having clothes in your trolley alongside your weekly food shop!


Friday, 12 June 2015

I Heart New York - Lindsey Kelk Review

So, as you are already aware, I am part of the Bloggers Book Club, which was organised my the lovely Fluer! This month it was my turn to choose a book. I couldn't think of what to pick because I had read everything on my bookshelf a million times. I decided to ask my bestie Ellie what she would recommend. She told me about Lindsey's books, how she loved them and that they were some of her favourites. She told me to read the 'I Heart' collection because they were really good! I took Ellie's advice and pick the first book of the I Heart collection, I Heart New York. 

Now I have to say, this immediately turned into my favourite book. First chapter in I was completely lost in the story. I fell in love with the characters, the story, how the book was written. I have to admit it is quite a girlie book, but bloggers, you need to read this book. 


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Weekend in London & Seven Dials & St Martins Courtyard Shopping Event

What is better when you're feeling crappy, than going and spending a weekend with one of your besties! Absolutely nothing. So that is just what I decided to do. I packed up my things, and went to stay with my lovely friend Becca (Who has just started a blog that you should 100% go and check out because she is a great writer!)


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Am I back for good after what seems like the longest blogging break in history?

As some of you may or may not be aware, I have gone a bit awol recently! This is due to lots of uni work and general life issues. Most likely like a lot of other small time bloggers, I have my own issues which i'm not yet confident enough to post all over my blog. But for me March and April has been a very challenging time. 

A time where I have lost all motivation, inspiration and general happiness. After reading a book for the bloggers book club i'm in, which you will hopefully be able to read a review of sometime soon. I have realised, that before I can continue something I actually love, and want to spend the rest of my life doing, I need to focus on myself and ensure that I am happy and am in a stable place in my life before continuing. 

Although, I may be only turning twenty (or twenteen as I like to say) next sunday, but am talking as though I have had as much life experience as a thirty-six year old, I feel as though the past couple of months have really been a page turner for me. The past few months have opened my eyes to many things. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cereal Killer Cafe Review

So I recently went to visit my wonderful friend Becca in London. We had such a fabulous weekend, you can read about it over on this blog post! On my last day, we decided to go to Brick Lane, have a wander round the amazing stalls and go to the Cereal Killer Cafe. 

If you didn't know, the Cereal Killer Cafe was founded by twins Gary and Alan Keery in 2014. As well as being the first cereal cafe in the UK, it has cereal from all over the world. The cafe is full of healthy cereal, which you pretend to love eating to get that summer body, and the sweetest cereal you were never allowed as a child. 


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bloggers Book Club

I was recently contacted by the lovely Fleur from Wishes And Tea, asking if I wanted to join a Bloggers Book Club with a few other bloggers. For me, reading has always been something that I have got lost in, its given me the opportunity to spend some time by myself and really unwind. So for me this was something that I was really looking forward to doing. Although I was slightly worried that I wasn't going to be able to make any time to actually sit down and read the book. 

Each month someone from the book club gets to pick the book. As Fleur started the club she started the club she went ahead and chose the book. The first book to be chosen was Dead Ends by Erin Lange. I hadn't heard of this book before or of Erin Lange, so I was looking forward to reading it. 

This is a description of the book that I found online

"Dane Washington and Billy D couldn't be more different. Dane is clever and popular, but he's also a voilet rebel. Billy D has Down's Syndrome, plays by the rules and hands out with the teachers in his lunch break. 

But Dane and Billy have more in common than they think - both their fathers are missing. Maybe they'll just have to suck up their differences and get on with helping each other find some answers."

I enjoyed the book. Although it is slightly slow to get into, it is extremely heart warming and relatable. The characters are really realistic and seem like people you would meet in real life. Once the story builds up into the climax of the story, it really captures the audience with a significant event that is extremely realistic. 

I feel that this book is perfect for young adults and I would definitely recommend it. You feel so empathetic towards the characters as well as gaining some little life lessons. 

I'm giving this book 3 ½  out of 5!

Have you read this book before? What did you think?


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

House Of Fraser Colaboration - Spring Makeup Look

I was recently got asked if i would like to work with House of Fraser on creating a spring make-up look using MAC products. This is such a wonderful opportunity so I jumped straight in. 

This was really exciting for me for two reasons. 1. I haven't ever owned anything from MAC. 2. I have never done a make-up tutorial on my blog! If you have any tips on anything I could improve then please let me know! 

I got to choose which MAC items I wanted from House of Fraser. Here are some links if you're interested in purchasing any MAC Products or beauty products from House Of Fraser.

Now because i'm not really a MAC user, I did a bit of research online, seeing which MAC products would fit with my skin tone, also the best MAC products for beginners. I then took the time to go into the MAC store and swatch some items to see which were my favourite. Although I was ordering online, you can never be too sure. 

mac makeup

The first item I chose was A Powder Blush in Desert Rose*. I'm usually not a blush person, but whilst swatching this in MAC, I absolutely loved the colour. It wasn't too bright, and had some lovely warm undertones too it. 

The second product I chose was the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study*. I read a lot about the Paint Pots and decided to choose Bare Study because you can use it as both a base to then build upon with different shadows, or use this alone for a naked shimmery eye. 

And the third and final item I chose was the Amplified Creme Lipstick in Blankety*. I suffer from really bad dry lips so a creme lipstick was a must have. I adore this colour, it is so perfect for everyday wear.

Now getting into the makeup tutorial. I started by moisturising and letting that sink in.

I then pump a small blob of Revlon Photoready Foundation in 003 Shell on the back of my hand. Dab my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush in and blend all over my face. I tend to blend my foundation in circular movements as I feel it buffs into my skin the best. 

Next Step - Brows! Using the Soap and Glory Archery. First start by using the brow tint to fill in the brows at any sparse areas. I really like this end of the product and have started using just this end to complete my brows. I feel like you can really achieve a natural look. 

Then taking the precision shaping pencil from the other end and filling in my brows again. This end of the pencil makes the brows just that bit fuller and darker.

Now onto the eyes. I start by covering the whole lid in Bare Study*. I find it easier blending the MAC Paint Pot in with my finger as it is a cream shadow. The heat from my finger really blends it in well. 

Then taking Fools Gold from my Makeup Revolution Death By Chocolate palette and going all over the lid with a Real Techniques Base Shadow brush. This just gives my eyes a lovely gold shimmer. 

Then taking my E.L.F eye lash curlers and holding filmly for 20/30 seconds, giving a long last curl. Because I have short straight lashes, curling is a vital step of my makeup. Even if i'm wearing no makeup all day, I always curl my lashes. 

Then taking Benefit Roller Lash, coat my lashes until I have got the desired effect. I am absolutely loving Roller Lash still, really works wonders with my eyelashes!

Then using the bloggers favourite Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 2 Cool Medium. I just dab this over any blemishes, redness and under my eyes.

I then take the E.L.F Concealer brush and fully blend that it. 

Using the Real Techniques Powder Brush Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder in 021 Transparent and dust that all over my face. This just ensures I don't get any shine areas throughout the day. 

This is my least favourite part of doing my makeup because I am rubbish at contouring. Using the Real Techniques Cheek Brush and the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Palete. I pull my cheeks in the contour the side of my face, also around my hair line. Contouring for me is such an issue because I am so pale, it is hard getting the right amount of product on your brush so I don't look like an oompa loompa. 

I then swirl the Real Techniques Blush Brush around MAC's Desert Rose* and tap off any excess and dab this into the apples of my cheeks. I absolutely love this blush and have been using it everyday since I got it. This is definitely my favourite MAC product so far!

Finish off the look by applying Blankety* and I am done.

Here is my finished spring makeup look. This is one of my go to looks because it can be achieved in under 10 minutes and it isn't too heavy on my face.

I really enjoyed shooting this post and I really hope you enjoy reading it! Also a big thanks to my wonderful best friend Ellie for shooting this for me! And another big thanks to House Of Fraser for making this possible for me!

What is your favourite MAC product? Do you have any of the ones I have used?

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