Monday, 23 March 2015

Lost In Wonderland | Abi Street

My wonderful best friend recently turned 21. To celebrate her birthday she had a mad hatters tea party at her house. I thought I would do a blog post about it, because I knew how incredible the decor would be, and I was not let down! It was such a lovely evening, drinking tea, champagne and wine and eating so many cakes all handmade by her mum and sister! (Simone and Milly if you're reading this, the cakes were sooooo yummy!!!

I just want to say a massive happy birthday to Alice!! I hope you had a wonderful time. Everyone should go and her follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

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Love Abi x



  1. Such a cute and cool idea for a birthday party, never too old for a book-inspired tea-time :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. What a lovely idea for a party! :) x

  3. My 21st was Alice and wonderland too, so much cake.. best excuse xx

  4. Wow, this part looks so incredible! The decorations are perfection <3

    Kisses, Kali

  5. OMG how beautiful! I might just have to borrow this idea for my birthday next month. :o)

  6. hey there my dear :) cool post !its pretty! please keep doing more :)

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  7. Oh, I’m so in love with your blog! So beautiful photos and interesting posts!
    Will be happy to see you in my blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

  8. This is so adorable! I'd love to go to something like this! :) xx


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