Friday, 10 April 2015

Weekend in London | Abi Street

I recently went to London for a weekend to visit one of my best friends Becca! She writes for a magazine called Rooms Magazine which you should check out, she is extremely talented. Me and Becca met whilst working at festivals. We have never looked back since. 

The main reason for me to go to London to visit Becca is because we had tickets for Fabric. If you didn't know, Fabric is an underground club is London, which mainly showcases Drum and Bass. This  was my first time going out in London and WOW! I loved it so much. We were out til 7am, so had a lovely view of the sunrise whilst on the bus home. 

After a few hours sleep, we decided to make the most of our saturday so we got ready and headed to Camden. This was my first time going to Camden and I thought it was amazing. I loved all the stalls, the food stalls and live music. It had a real atmosphere to it that really made it feel like London. 

How dreamy are these houses? Becca and I were swooning over the lovely houses in London for so long. I hope I get the opportunity to live in a house like this when i'm slightly older. 

I adore Amy Winehouse, so I was desperate to see this statue. It is actually tiny, if this is a life size representation then I was the same height as Amy Winehouse. 

After walking around Camden for a couple of hours we decided to head back to Becca's with some tapas style food, curl up on the sofa with a hot choc and watch a lovely chick flick. This was just what we needed after a long night out. 

On sunday, the final day I was in London ( :( ), we decided to head over to shoreditch. The main reason for this was to go to the Cereal Killer Cafe. Which a blog post will be coming soon about. 

I purchased this ring from a stall on Brick Lane. It was only £5 and it looks so similar to my gem pandora ring! 

What is your favourite part of London?

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  1. I'm going to London at the end of the year and I can't wait to see everything again, you're photo's are amazing and make everything look so good!

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    'Bad Hair Day? No Way*'

    1. Aw i hope you have a wonderful time! Aw thanks :) x

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time at London. That hot
    chocolate looks too yummy to be true lol


  3. hello ;) i like your blog and I follow you on GFC ;) please follow back :)


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