Monday, 27 July 2015

Petit Cafe & Patisserie Review

Like many of us, I absolutely love eating. I think there is nothing better than going out for food. Going for lunch with my mum is something we do regularly. I pick her up from work and we go and dine. One of our favourite places to go is Petit Cafe & Patisserie. It is very local too us and very inexpensive with amazing food. 

Petit Cafe & Patisserie open in August 2014 and is located in Staple Hill, Bristol. You can check out their blog & facebook. The Petit blog contains recipes for lots of items they sell - which is great if you live far but want to make some of the delicious pieces. All the cakes, meringues, macaroons etc are all home made. Petit cafe also sells a lot of vegan and gluten free food as well which is a bonus.

The cafe itself is absolutely gorgeous, very instagramable and pinterest worthy. 


To drink I had a Lime and Elderflower iced drink which was absolutely lovely - so refreshing! Mum had a regular latte. 

Me and mum both went for the Mozzarella Salad which was incredible. I'm a big mozzarella fan and it is definitely best with tomatoes and pesto - Yum!! Also it made me happy to have a salad that didn't make me feel sad because I'm on a diet (I need that bikini bod for my holiday in September)


And to finish off we had some lovely home made meringue. My mum absolutely loves this and they do such lovely flavours. We picked Lavender, Chocolate & Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Almond and a plain vegan meringue. 

This milkshake wasn't from today, but this is the vanilla milkshake. I put this on instagram a while ago and obviously it was very popular. How cute!

This is definitely one of my favourite places to come. It is a shame it isn't in a better location (currently on a main road with minimal parking) because it is absolutely lovely. If you're in the area I would definitely recommend going there. 


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Who Knew Supermarkets Could Be So Good For Clothes?

So I have a confession to make... These photos are actually from Easter sunday (my favourite day of 2015). I have been super busy recently with moving back home sob!, working at Royal Ascot and going to Glastonbury. I have been meaning to post more i promise, but as usual, life is getting in the way. 

I thought I would use these photos for 3 reasons. 1) I loved this day so much, 2) I love this outfit and 3) I really needed a blog post but don't the time, or my wonderful photographer Ellie close by. 

I love this outfit. Its such a basic outfit that can be just thrown on, but the shorts just add something too it so it isn't too dull! Believe it or not, these shorts are actually from Asda! In my time, I have picked up some great pieces from Supermarkets and people are always so shocked at that fact. Nothing better than having clothes in your trolley alongside your weekly food shop!

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