Monday, 31 August 2015

Hugo Boss 007 For Women*

As stated in my first post of my Hugo Boss Fragrances Reviews, I will be reviewing each perfume in separate posts. This was the second perfume I received from Talk PR. 

I immediately loved the box. Although i've never really been a Bond fan, I have seen the a few of the films and know they are classics. I felt that Hugo Boss really kept in with the classic theme. The cardboard packaging is gorgeous, with a black and rose gold colour theme. (The picture it looks gold, but it actually rose gold)

I love the bottle for this perfume, I think it really suits the bond theme, and again looks classic! On the press release it actually explains that the textured design on the bottle is used to reflect the imagery that is used in the opening of the Bond films. I think that this is a great idea and if you're a true bond fan you may of actually thought of that. I also love the little rose gold trim around the neck of the bottle, it really breaks up the black and adds a feminine touch to the bottle. 

The press release for 007 For Women claims that this is a signature scent that is 'dangerously seductive'. I was quite sceptical about not liking the scent of this fragrance because I thought that it would be quite over powering and manly, but it is gorgeous.

The fragrance is quite strong, but it still remains quite fruity and feminine. I think this is definitely more of a night fragrance, as it is a fragrance that makes you feel sexy and confident!

007 For Women is available to buy for 30ml £25/ 50ml £30.



  1. Replies
    1. I know! Can't wait to put it on top of my dresser :)

  2. I have this one as I'm a big Bond fan. I also have the 007 fragrances for men which I think are better cause their stronger. I really don't mind wearing men's fragrance

    1. I love this scent! Oooh that a good idea to be honest x

  3. I love the look of this perfume, plus I love a bit of Bond!

    Tweet xx

  4. Ooo I'm liking the bottle! Xx

  5. looks lovely must try it out
    congrats on being near 300 followers i followed

  6. That bottle is gorgeous! It even looks like an evening perfume, I think I might need to spritz it next time I see it

    Tanzina | Makeup A to Z |

    1. I agree, its really lovely for an evening :)


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