Wednesday, 22 February 2017

On Trend With Boohoo

As you all know by now Boohoo is one of my favourite brands. They recently got in touch with me to collaborate again which I was super super excited about. A recent trend that everyone will have seen by now is wearing lingerie as outwear. I was super excited about this and the outfit I was able to create for this campaign. 

I tried to pick items that worked together, that I loved and felt comfortable in and that were on trend. I absolutely love the way this outfit turned out and will definitely be wearing this again and again. 


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

My Everyday Makeup

I love wearing makeup everyday, it makes me feel confident, covers my flaws and allows me to change my look everyday. I'm not the best at doing incredible eyeshadow etc, one thing I am good at is basics. My go to makeup look is winged eyeliner - i've been rocking the winged liner since I was 13 and used to listen to My Chemical Romance. Since then i've hugely improved my eyeliner and could probably do a wing with my eyes closed. 

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