Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Most Special Birthday With Spectrum Brushes

So on May 24th it was my 22nd birthday and I have to say, it was the best birthday I have had in my entire life. I had spent the beginning of the week back in Bristol with my friends and family which was lovely considering I rarely go back to Bristol anymore - I am fully adopted Welsh now. I was feeling super positive and couldn't wait to get to my actual birthday as I had the best plans lined up. I was invited to the first ever Cardiff Spectrum Brushes event by the most beautiful, down to earth team ever. Not only had I been invited, but a ton of my lovely blogger best friends had been invited too. We were so excited to finally catch up after spending hours talking to each other on WhatsApp. 

The event was taking place in Tramshed Tech, which is just down the road from Tramshed and is a creative space used for office rentals and events. I headed to the event with the lovely Laura and met the girls inside, we were slightly early so huddled on some sofa's whilst the Spectrum team finished setting up. Once the girls had finished setting up and were ready for us, we were greeted with rose gold prosecco which was delicious! We had about an hour of networking, photo taking, laughing and trying delicious Candy Kitten Sweets. It was so lovely to catch up with my favourite ladies, and also meet a load of new bloggers! We also got to have a little chat with the Spectrum sisters, Sophie and Hannah who are the most inspirational ladies ever. 

At around 6ish, we all took our seats for the makeup masterclass. Sophie, the makeup artist created the most gorgeous look on the model. We all definitely learned a few tips and tricks, whilst being able to ask questions and being part of Spectrums first ever live masterclass. I really enjoyed the masterclass, as we got to hear some great tips about makeup, as well as get to know the Spectrum Sisters, how the brand was created and how it is ever growing.

Once the masterclass had finished, we got to try some cocktails from Dirty Martini and vegan food from Milgi. I wasn't 100% in love with the cocktail, but I loved the food - especially the Avocado dressing. It was delicious and I will be heading to Milgi soon!!

Myself and a few of the girls then headed to get our nails done by the lovely Nails Inc team. I opted for this mint blue colour which I completely forget to get the name. It was lovely to have a proper manicure and learn about all the treatment the polish gives your nails.  

After another chat with the Spectrum ladies, and lots of cuddles, we all collected our goody bags * best goody bags ever * and went our separate ways. I have to say, the attention to detail at this event was incredible, we all felt truly spoilt and each aspect of the event they went above and beyond. 

The event honestly made my birthday, everyone was so happy, friendly and just overall spreading the love around. I am so so excited to see what exciting products Spectrum will be bringing out and for their next event in Cardiff. 

Left to Right, 
Sophie from Spectrum, Holly, Zoe, Paige, Myself, Laura, Chelsea & Hannah from Spectrum

Also some other of my faves that weren't in this photo, Katie, Abi, Christy, Katie and Jessie

Have you ever tried anything from Spectrum? I'd love to know your favourites!



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  2. Wow, what a great event, looks like hell of fun! SO how are the brushes?
    Food & Cocktails look delicious as well :)



  3. wow Looks like an great Event

  4. the brushes look so pretty! glad you had a lovely time xo

  5. Such an amazing event! So glad we got to go together too! You look absolutely gorgeous too! xx

  6. This looks like such a great time!

    Leah x


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