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Why I Value Friendships I've Created Through Blogging

When you're a child, you can't wait to grow up. The thought of living with your friends, or on your own sounds amazing, finding a boyfriend/girlfriend and falling in love is the absolutely dream, and the thought of having your own house and spending weekends decorating with your loved one is something you spend hours daydreaming about.. When in reality, adulthood is pretty bloody difficult isn't it.. Of course, there are tons of incredible moments, but I think every single one of us sometimes daydreams about how simple life was back then.. instead of worrying about if you'll ever be able to buy a house, which party to vote for in the election, or if you'll be stuck in the job, that is bareale, but not the job you dreamed it would be..

I think the most prominent thing changes between being a child and an adult, (apart from the obvious things of course) is the ability to make friends. When you're a child it is the easiest thing, you approach someone you like the look of, ask if you can play and there we are, before you know it, you're round their house for chicken nuggets and potato smileys. When you reach adulthood it isn't that easy.. sure you can make friends through work, but they're just your work friends. How often as an adult do you create, genuine and meaningful friendships with a stranger? Barely ever. This is where my blog comes into it.

When I first created my blog, I did it because I was fed up of having no hobbies, I wanted to use my creativity somehow, and be able to express my feelings and opinions on things through an outlet that seems somewhat therapeutic. I first created my blog in 2013, and I never knew how much blogging would grow, and become something that is clearly seen in the mainstream media. One thing, that I didn't ever dream of, is that it would allow me to create some of the most genuine and trustworthy friendships I've ever had. 

Creating friendships through the internet is something I think I will always find strange, despite it happening to me frequently. When people ask, 'Where did you meet?' and my response is 'We met on twitter', you will always get an odd look. People will always have reservations of the internet and internet friendships, as we've all seen Catfish, and know the safety issues that lie behind creating bonds through the internet. However, if you approach the internet in the correct way, and ensure your location is always hidden, you don't give any personal information etc etc.. I think it is an incredible tool to find a friend you've always wanted. 

The blogging community is a funny place. It is ever-growing and ever-changing, neither of which are a bad thing. It allows creative expression and positivity, but it can also be full of bitchiness, negativity and can become extremely clicky - which can be isolating for a lot of people. However, the majority of the time, it is very supportive, open minded and welcoming to new bloggers! You can able to scroll endlessly and follow someone who's opinions you love or you see as #Goals. This allows you to be able to pick and choose the friendships you create and really find people who you feel you're able to bond with. 

I am forever seeing tweets from people wishing they had blogger friends, or they want to DM a girl whose blog they love to meet up but they are too scared. Honestly, just do it!! I set up a whatsapp group with local bloggers to me because I wanted to make new friends, and honestly I love that group chat so much, we've all met a few times, we give each other advice, we go to events together - they're the loveliest, most supportive bunch ever!! When I first created it, everyone was saying how lovely it was because they'd wanted to meet local bloggers for so long but they were too scared to approach someone. We've all created a real connection and it is amazing - and it all started from me just asking them a question. 

There are two friendships in particular that inspired me to write this post. Two friendships that I value more than anything and that I could no longer live without. It's funny because a year ago I didn't know these girls, and now I can't go a day without speaking to them, they know everything about me and are more supportive than I could ever imagine. I have created absolutely incredible memories with these girls and spent so many hours cry laughing, but they've also been there at my very low points, held my hand through hard times and cuddled me when I needed it most. To me that is extremely important, they aren't just there for the fun things, they're there through everything. 

One thing that I have learnt, is that no matter how alone you feel when you're dealing with something, there will be someone that understands the exact emotions you're feeling. You may not have found that person yet but when you do, it is very uplifting and can change your entire mindset. If there is someone who constantly inspires you, that you feel you always relate to or you feel you'd be the best of friends with, then just message them and tell them!! I guarantee it will mean more to them than you think and you never know what it could lead too... 

When I'm old and grey, I will look back and be thankful for not only the opportunities that my blog has given me, but the friendships I have created through having this little space on the internet. That will be more valuable to me than any brand collaboration, event invitation or PR sample ever could be. 

Have you created valuable friendships through blogging? 



  1. Love this post! I was so scared to approach bloggers that I had only met through twitter etc but being a part of the group chat and going to events together has been so lovely. I'm only just getting to know most of the local bloggers but its been great knowing how supportive everyone is!

    Abi xo |

    1. Thank you Abi!!! It is great, we have a very supportive bunch of friends no matter what, and it's so lovely to connect with people on the same wave length as you xx

  2. Loved this post - & I love how you were confident enough to just get the first message out there, I think it's one thing commenting on blog posts saying how much you enjoy someones blog etc, but such a different thing to message personally for a chat, I think I would just feel like I was annoying people? haha, its so silly. so set in my ways. Brilliant post love! xx

    Soph |

    1. Thank you Sophie :) I just tweeted asking if anyone would be interested, and I had a few people that were, then I tweeted some people I particularly like, and would get to know and went from there. Its great because people in the group add in new people they know, so it grows pretty quickly which is lovely. You should just do it, you'll be surprised by it, i promise you! xx

  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely bloody love this post! You could not have described it any better! I am so grateful everyday that we met - the last few months have been absolutely brilliant and I would not change it for the world! xx

    1. Thank you girl!! I don't know where i'd be without you now!! You're a true friend that is there through everything, i'd bloody lucky to have you by my side and get to share so many amazing memories with you xx

  4. Some of my best friends are now ladies that I met through blogging! One of bridesmaids at my wedding was someone I met through blogging years ago. I agree, it's invaluable! xx


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