Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Purchasing The Perfect Gift For Any Occassion

It seems that no matter what time of year, there are always gifts to be bought for people - whether that be a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentines Day or various other special occasions. If you know me personally, you'll know that I absolutely love buying gifts. No matter who it's for, I'll always get carried away, buy a ton of things that aren't necessary but I can't put down because it just reminded me of the person when I saw it. Honestly, it's quite a bad trait for me, because it means that I always end up spending a money. 

When it comes to gift giving, I like to give personal, sentimental gifts. So the receiver really knows that I put my all into it and really did take the time to think about what they would want and love. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I am a bloody good gift giver. There is nothing I love more, than hunting for the perfect gift for someone, whether that mean spending ages in quirky little shops in arcades, or scrolling through endless gift websites until something perfect catches my eye.

Uncommon Goods is a site that has everything from kitchen accessories to jewellery, a scarf for your dog, literally everything! When looking for all your gifts at once, websites like Uncommon Goods are the perfect place - a one stop shop! One of my favourite things about Uncommon Goods is their values, meaning that although you're spending, your money is being used for the good. For example, Uncommon Goods stock handmade, recycled and organic products, and they've never sold a product that contains leather, feathers or fur! As well as this, they started a Better To Give programme in which you can select a non profit organisation of your choice to donate money at the checkout! Not only do you get amazing products, you feel good that you're giving back! 

At the moment I have various presents that I need to buy, so I've been on the hunt on their website for the perfect presents, and also gaining inspiration for upcoming celebrations. I feel like the sort of celebrations I need to buy for at the moment are extremely common. I'm going to give some of my favourite things that I've found on their site, just in case you're trying to find something similar.

First up, gifts for the little ones! Now, I currently know quite a few pregnant ladies - there's nothing cuter than looking for gifts for a newborn baby, or a mum to be! Everything is so bloody cute, and it makes me broody as hell! I honestly cannot cope! From baby shark booties, to an owl and stars mobile, perfect for a Pinterest ready nursery, and on to special gifts you can keep until your child is an adult themselves, letters to my baby - which is a correspondence inspired set to remember those first few years. I've gained so much inspiration of what gifts I'm going to buy and it is 100% coming from Uncommon Goods!

Now, rather excitingly, I've been invited to my first wedding as an adult! The first thing that went through my head was, crap, I need a good bloody gift to give! Wedding gifts are always difficult. Do you buy something useful that the newlyweds  will use day after day, or do you buy something sentimental that will be cherished forever? I personally love the sentimental stuff, the gift that every time they look at, will be reminded of their special day! Some of my favourite finds were; etched champagne flutes, map of our hearts - which is a print that shows on the map where each person is from, presented in a heart (overly cute, and definitely not for everyone) and a wedding celebration drop box, which can be filled with lovely notes from loved ones. My favourite thing about these gifts is that they can all be personalised, which just gives the gift that extra something!

Finally, it is my father's birthday coming up so I'm looking for the perfect gift Now, why is it that men are always the hardest to buy for?! (Yes dad, I know you're reading this and it is true, you're a pain when it comes to presents). I try hard to be inventive, and my go to gift is usually tickets to something that my parents can enjoy together and make memories with. However, this can sometimes be quite costly. Although I won't be purchasing any of these things because my dad reads my blog, it is a great way to get some inspo! My favourite things I found were; a bedside table pocket, this is super useful, especially as my dad always reads in bed or uses his phone, be yourself paperweight -  I especially loved this one because this is something my dad tells me a lot, and a diana camera, so instead of taking 80 million photos on his phone, he can take some extra good ones on a cool camera! 

I'd love to know how you get your gift inspiration, or if you've found something cool from Uncommon Goods? 
*This is sponsored post by Uncommon Goods. All wording, opinions and images are my own.



  1. Yes I do read your posts and Yes I am a pain to buy for, so this year you can buy me a new motorcycle or a holiday to take it on :-)

    I agree with you that you do go overboard on presents but it is what you like doing as you get as much joy in giving as dose the person receiving.

    Dad xx

  2. I've got a christening coming up that I need to buy for so checking out this site now! Thanks for the inspo! X

    1. Ahh perfect, i'm glad I could help!! They have got some fab pieces x


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