Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How To Feel Comfortable Whilst On Your Period

 Hopefully the title of this post hasn't scared you away and to be honest, it shouldn't. A period is an extremely normal thing that us women have to deal with monthly, for the majority of our lives. Period talk is something that is often seen as a taboo subject because it's 'gross' or seen as too personal.. Well I'm definitely ready for that to change. If you're a man reading this, obviously this post isn't going to apply to you... However, if you have a female significant other in your life, this post may actually be helpful for any males out there that want to make their lovely ladies time of the month that little bit easier to deal with. 

Now ladies, some of you are blessed with an easy time of the month, pain free, no PMS, still perfect skin, some of us however, including myself aren't let off so easily. I'm very aware when I'm due on my period as my skin becomes horrific, and considering I have acne, it is a lot worse that it usually is, I can also be faced with the worst stomach cramps (Girls, you will know what I mean when I say it feels like satan has a grip of my womb) and spend about 4/5 days on a rollercoaster of emotion, sorry James. 

It is a pretty shitty time of the month for some of us, but hopefully I can give you some tips that will make that time of the month slightly more bearable.  


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Books That You Need On Your Shelf

Cast your mind back to the beginning of the year when everyone was making new years resolutions that they'd never stick to. Well I've been determined to stick to mine this year, so far I've been doing pretty well. I've been on various trips around the UK, sadly none abroad yet, I've been acing self love, I've seen a ton of amazing live music and now I'm finally back into loving reading and I've picked out some of my favourite books that I've read this year, also one from last year but thats fine!

Reading is something I have always loved since a young age, maybe because I've grown up around my mother, who is an avid reader, honestly she sometimes has about 3 books on the go at once. I remember when I was younger during the summer holidays, I would constantly go to the library and do their reading challenges! I absolutely loved it. As an adult, reading is a pure form of escapism, something tv, film and the internet can't give me. I am sucked into someone else's world and forget all of the crappy things happening in this world for a short amount of time. 


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Presenting The Beauty Salon Of Dreams

So you may remember be talking about getting an LVL lash treatment done by the lovely Alice Molyneux at House of Beauty. Well there has been a little change to House of Beauty, the business once co-owned by Alice has now come to an end. After two years of success, the girls have decided to go their separate ways and start new ventures.  

Welcome Cherry-B Beauty. Alice has created her own new salon based in Caerphilly. It is the most instagrammable salon ever, with to die for pattern floor, the cutest mugs and the prettiest shelving display, I spent ages just taking photos and nosing around before my treatment had even started! If you're based in South Wales, you definitely need to head to Cherry-B Beauty for all of your treatments. 


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Adding Personal Touches To Your Home

If you've read my Learning To Live Alone post, you'll be aware that I live on my own in a one bed flat. In that post, I gave some tips on how to deal with being a one man/woman band and how to make your living area a little more like home. One of the things I touched on was getting creative and I have done this through making collages on cork boards with lots of little mementos from my life.

Now, if you're like me you're constantly taking photos of things, just so you don't forget them in the future and can look back on all your lush photos from your younger years. This is great, it allows me to be creative and to be able to look back at hilarious things, however it means I have about a zillion photos on my laptop and iMac (which I must add, aren't the same photos) and I constantly have about 2000 photos on my camera roll. This can be an absolute pain in the ass. Truth be told, I never really look back through the ones on my laptop or my iMac, only if i'm really searching for something and also get annoyed when my phone memory is full. 

This is where is comes to printing of your favourite photos and the lovely brand Printiki. 

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