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How To Feel Comfortable Whilst On Your Period

 Hopefully the title of this post hasn't scared you away and to be honest, it shouldn't. A period is an extremely normal thing that us women have to deal with monthly, for the majority of our lives. Period talk is something that is often seen as a taboo subject because it's 'gross' or seen as too personal.. Well I'm definitely ready for that to change. If you're a man reading this, obviously this post isn't going to apply to you... However, if you have a female significant other in your life, this post may actually be helpful for any males out there that want to make their lovely ladies time of the month that little bit easier to deal with. 

Now ladies, some of you are blessed with an easy time of the month, pain free, no PMS, still perfect skin, some of us however, including myself aren't let off so easily. I'm very aware when I'm due on my period as my skin becomes horrific, and considering I have acne, it is a lot worse that it usually is, I can also be faced with the worst stomach cramps (Girls, you will know what I mean when I say it feels like satan has a grip of my womb) and spend about 4/5 days on a rollercoaster of emotion, sorry James. 

It is a pretty shitty time of the month for some of us, but hopefully I can give you some tips that will make that time of the month slightly more bearable.  

Loosen up your clothing

Now, although some of us are moving onto the straight leg/MOM jean hype, a lot of us are still stuck in that skin tight Joni Jean phase. There is nothing worse that when you're having terrible stomach cramps than to have a tight waistband suck in your mid region. When it's my time of the month, I usually opt for a dress or go for baggy jumpers so no-one will know if your top button is undone in public, no shame. Ensuring your clothing is slightly looser just helps to relive the pressure on your stomach, hopefully taking the edge off of those cramps!

Make your everyday makeup fab

When you're going through a crappy skin phase, looking in the mirror and doing your makeup can be the least favourite part of your day. No-one wants to look at themselves and see a handful of spots popping up.. Instead give yourself a little boost, acknowledge that it's your time of the month and it can't be helped and aim for your favourite makeup look. I think that when you've done your favourite makeup look, you feel so much more confident in yourself. Those little boosts help us get through it!!

Eat all the comfort food

When you're down in the dumps, having your ultimate comfort food can definitely help to ease those bad moods. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to stuff your face with junk food for the entirety of your period because that will leave you feeling glum, but don't feel guilty if you eat an entire bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk or a sharing pack of Minstrels that you ate on your own in one sitting. That is okay!! For me, I love a bowl of homemade stew with crusty bread - something delicious that will warm you from the inside out and ease the pain. 

PMS is quite a common symptom of a period, your hormones are all over the place and this makes your emotions all over the place too. Whether you're feeling slightly anxious about nothing in particular or you're crying over a really cute baby advert, we've all done it, it's fine. It is 100% okay to feel how you're feeling, just accept that you're due on/on/just come off and you'll be back to your normal self in a few days! This thought makes me feel that little bit better and makes me realise my emotions aren't always this over the place. 

As previously mentioned, I want to help breakdown this taboo subject and the best way to do that is to get the conversation started and know that no girl/woman should ever feel ashamed about talking about her period!! My blog post is part of the #TalkingPeriods campaign by Time Of The Month, if you fancy seeing some more tips or seeing fab bloggers breaking down the taboo have a look through the hashtag - the campaign started on the 22nd of September so some content will already be live! 

I'd love to know if this helps you at all, or you have any tips to share! 

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  1. Loved this post! Always got to go for an oversized baggy jumper to hide the open to button lol

    Abi xo | www.wanderlustdaydreaming.co.uk

  2. This actually could not have come in a more perfect time (if you know what I'm talking about haha!)
    The makeup thing is a really good point, and I can totally relate! It boosts your confidence a lot, which helps with your mood in general. Also, I always opt for loose clothing whether I'm on my period or not, hahaha. Comfort is key!
    I've just found your blog and I really adore your content! I'd love if we can follow each other on Bloglovin? Do let me know <3 have a good weekend x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  3. Oh gosh, yeah, my skin is sooo bad today and I've gone for super comfy clothes!
    Aleeha xXx

  4. Great post! Comfy clothes and comfort food are a must for me!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  5. Love this post so much, Abi! Yay for talking about periods openly and double yay for being comfortable and feeling fab whilst going through it. Cosy clothes are a definite must for me.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  6. AAA you look stunning! I love the top it looks so comfy. Do you want to support each other’s blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



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