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5 Tips To Change Your Style

Well this feels strange.. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I haven't posted for a month. After writing the post, Falling Out Of Love With Life, I felt extremely low. Despite receiving so many wonderful and supportive messages (Thank you if you have been lush to me, you have no idea how much it means), I just felt a bit empty. I decided to take some time out, to just step back and gain some perspective on everything. Although I'm still not feeling 100%, I am slowly getting there. I am now taking lots of small steps to final feel content with every aspect of my life.

One of the first steps I'm taking is to basically start from scratch with my fashion. You know when you look through your wardrobe, trying to find that perfect outfit that will definitely get over 100 likes on Instagram (doubtful, stupid algorithm) and you just can't find anything that looks lush. That is how I am feeling Every. Single. Day. I've decided that I want to reinvent my style and possibly revert to a capsule wardrobe so picking outfits is never a stress, and I always feel super confident.

I thought I'd give some tips on how I am going about this.

Start From Fresh

I think one of the first things to do when wanting to reinvent your style is to start from fresh. Sit down and go through every piece of clothing you have, if you can't remember the last time you wore it, it is time to go. Although this may take a lot of time, it makes everything so much easier when you've whittled your gigantic pile of clothes down to your all time favourite items. I always take my unwanted clothes to the charity shop as I am way to lazy to take photos of everything and list it on Depop, and can I be bothered to get a ton of messages asking to sell my Topshop jeans for £5 no postage? No babe.

Get Inspiration From Your Favourite Bloggers

Once you've cleared your clothes out, it is time to get inspired. The 2017 blogosphere is full of so many gorgeous gals who constantly look amazing. Scrolling through my favourite blogs always fills me with inspiration. If you absolutely love the style your favourite blogger is wearing and think you can rock it, then make notes of what items you've seen and see how you can incorporate this into your style.

At the moment, my current blogger faves for fashion are are Emma Hill, Tanya Burr, Poppy Deyes and Allie-May Redmond. All of these bloggers have quite similar style in my eyes, think stripes, mom jeans, boots or trainers for a casual outfit. And 100% of the time, all of these gals look incredible.

Utilise The Save Feature On Instagram

The save feature. One of my favourite things that Instagram have ever done.  I'm not sure how many people actually use it, but I love it beyond words. Anything from food to the way someone has captured an image, to saving their style for future inspiration. I have folders for my collections of saved items, such as Food, Tattoos and Style. If I'm stuck for an outfit in the morning, I quickly open the app and see if there is an outfit I can recreate with similar items I own. It has transformed uninspired mornings. 

Think Outside The Box

Now, when it comes to getting inspiration, I do like to think a little out of the box. Sometimes it is best to step away from the online world, as things look so different in a still image to what they actually do on a real person, stood close to you. When I am out and about, I love looking at peoples outfits and how they've styled themselves that day. Both men and women give me ideas of how I can style my clothes for future outfits. If you see someone and you absolutely love what they're wearing, go up to them and tell them you love their outfit and ask where it is from. Not only will you find out where to buy an awsome piece of clothing, you'll make their day and probably boost their confidence a hell of a lot.

Be True To Yourself

Now it is all well and good being inspired by people, and wanting to change up your style to suit the person you are today. But always remember to be true to yourself. Don't just copy people's outfits piece for piece, but make that outfit work for you. Everyone is different and everyone's body shape is different. If I wear something and it really suits me, it doesn't mean it is going to suit everyone, but that is okay!! Take inspiration and choose clothing that works for your individuality and your body shape. If you feel completely comfortable in something, it will show and other people will notice.


Jumper* - Pretty Little Thing | Knitwear
Girlfriend Jeans* - Pretty Little Thing | Denim
Belt* - Pretty Little Thing
Bag* - Pretty Little Thing
Boots* - Pretty Little Thing

I hope this helps you if you're wanting to shake up your style for the new year! If you have any blogging babes whose outfit I need to see, please let me know.
p.s it feels good to be back

* All items mentioned in this post were gifted to me by Pretty Little Thing. However, as always, all opinions are my own. 


  1. Some fab tips here! I really love that red jumper (:

    Alys | alysgeorge.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Yaaaaay, so happy to see you posting again! I absolutely loved this - the tips are great! I think I definitely need to do this too. I am sure I live in my PJs because I just can't find an actual style lol x


    1. Thanks Laur! We need a shopping girl day, and if we can't find you anything, let's just get lots of pjs! xx

  3. I'm so glad to hear you're beginning to feel better and that you're back on the blog! These tips are great, I desperately need a change in my wardrobe because I've stopped caring recently of what I wear because everything is old and boring! You look lovely xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days | Bloglovin’

    1. Thank you so much Diana, that's really lovely of you! Yeah I know what you mean, have a good clear out and then reinvest in some lush pieces xx

  4. Even though I just found your blog I really hope you'll feel better soon! It's important for you to remember that everyone feels down once in a while and maybe that will make you feel less alone! :) I absolutely love this outfit though - something I would definitely wear. I've also been experimenting and changing my style recently and trying to convert from black/basic clothing to more colourful and bold statement pieces. Red is a great colour to make you feel and appear more confident! :))

    Kinga ~ https://kingajpgblog.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you so so much, I really appreciate you saying that! Definitely get the red jumper, it definitely make me feel a lot more confident x

  5. I love your proactive approach to making yourself fall back in love with life! Fashion is definitely a great way of going about it; this outfit looks so gorgeous on you. The ankle boots are perfect and the embellished belt goes so well with the bold red jumper!


    1. Thank you so much lovely! I've always loved fashion and it can help with confidence so much! I love the belt so much, I wear it daily now! x

  6. I've actually never used the save feature on Instagram! I don't know why I just never have before, now I'll actually pay attention to it and use it!

    I think being true to yourself and making sure you wear things that you feel comfortable in is always important as well, especially when you're wearing an outfit that's inspired by something someone else has worn.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. You should - it is such a fab feature! Yes definitely, i'm all about taking inspiration from others but making it suit you, and a style you would pick. It'll help with building confidence and finding what you feel more comfortable in x

  7. Welcome back to the blogging game lovely! I'm loving this outfit on you, the pop of red against your gorgeous blonde locks. Perfect! xx

    Editionemmagrace - Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

    1. Thank you so much Emma, you little cutie! xx

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