Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Farm Girl Cafe Review

In December, I went on a trip to London with my blogging babe, Abi. The purpose of the trip was to attend the Blogosphere Christmas Festival which was on the Saturday, however we decided to make a full weekend of it make the most of  London around Christmas time. Unfortunately for us, the weather was absolutely rubbish, you know the classic British combo of wind and rain - not ideal. This stunted our plans of taking fab blogger shots in idyllic locations instead we spent the majority of the time running in the rain, complaining how cold it was and being fed up of the gloomy skies were ruining those perfect Insta shots! 

Whilst exploring Portobello Road taking all the Instagram worthy colourful houses, and looking for somewhere to eat and hide from the rain before heading back to the coach station, I remembered about Farm Girl Cafe. I think I saw this on someone's Instagram story and that they did pink latte's - something I definitely needed in my life. After a quick Google map search, we realised that we'd actually walked past it twice already that day so headed back to explore. 

After a 20 minute wait in the queue in the rain to get in (annoying, but worth it), we were greeted by a lovely waiter who took us to our seats. The interior of Farm Girl Cafe was incredible, with a pink coffee machine, bluey green tiled walls and a cosy atmosphere. Because we had been waiting in the queue, and were slightly in a rush - we took it upon ourselves to look at the menu whilst we were waiting so we could order straight away, it made the whole process a lot smoother and the waiter was very happy with how quick we were. 

I opted for the Rose Latte to drink. Now, after looking over their Instagram I thought that this was the pink latte they offered. Instead of actually asking someone, I just went along thinking I was right. Oh boy, was I wrong! Now, I have to say, I really hated the Rose Latte, I am not a lover of Rose, not even the actual flower - in fact they're my least favourite flowers. So it is understandable why I didn't like it. It was presented beautifully, with a dusting of rose petals along the top, but the taste was way to floral for me *obviously*. If you like the taste of Rose, I would 100% recommend this drink because the flavour is bang on! I later found out, that the pink latte was actually the Hibiscus Matcha so order that one if you're after an Insta worthy coffee. 

Now onto the best bit, the food! I was absolutely starving when we got there, so after a 20 minute wait I was beyond ready. I opted for the Chicken Sandwich which is filled with slow cooked chicken breast, guacamole, beef tomato & a spiced yoghurt dressing on toast brown sourdough. I can hands down say, that this was one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. The chicken itself was delicious, and the combination of the guac and spiced yoghurt, just made the sandwich. I was completely satisfied by the end of it and very happy with my food choice. The sandwich itself was £8 which I think is fairly reasonable for London and it was completely worth it. 

Other options I contemplated getting were the Apple Pancakes £12 and the Avocado Toast £8, there was someone sat near us eating avo toast and it looked incredible!! The Farm Girl cafe has plenty of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as having a range of super foods on offer such as Bee Pollen. It caters for literally everyone and won't break the bank for a delicious meal. 

If you're visiting Notting Hill or are looking for places to go in London, I would definitely recommend the Farm Girl cafe, the food is awesome, the staff are super friendly and the interior is perfect for your Instagram feed. 

I'd love to know if you've been to the Farm Girl Cafe and what you had! 


  1. Portabello Road looks beautiful! So instagram worthy xx

  2. It sounds AMAZING! xx


  3. It looks amazing!! I'll have to look next time I'm in LDN. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. Looks like an amazing cafe!!

    Narhee | Made in Mauve

  5. I see Farm Girl Cafe on Instagram all the time and it always looks amazing! I definitely need to go! x


  6. Can't wait to go back to London and try this café! Your photos are so cool :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  7. Hello, I was too shy to ask on Twitter but where is your lovely block colour jumper from in your profile pic which I think you said was taken on this day? Hehe x

  8. Sounds amazing!

  9. Ah this looks lovely - such a cute post! :)

    Layla xx


  10. The place look stunning! A must visit next time I'm in London :)


  11. Ooh, the interior looks amazing, love the colours! I'm with you on the rose, it looks so pretty but sure I wouldn't be keen on the floral flavour either!

  12. I totally love this post. Your blog looks amazing, I'm definitely staying here :)


  13. It looks so pretty! That café looks so cute too, I really need to visit if I'm ever in the nieghborhoud!

  14. A rose latte! I can't imagine the combination of flowers and coffee!

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